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WARNING : Double Nose Piercing 10-14-2021


Double Nose Piercing

Septum piercings were popular for a short period of time, but that period may have come to an end. After that, where do we proceed in the realm of body piercing? Of course, there’s the twin nose piercing. A double nose piercing is a combination of two piercings in the nose that are placed side by side. It may be two nostril piercings on each side of the nose, either on the same side or on the other side if you’re a symmetry freak. It may also be a piercing of the nostrils and septum.

It was a lot of fun to have my septum pierced last year, as you may recall. I recommend it. “Why not add to this?” I reasoned, concluding that a second hole in my nose wouldn’t be detrimental (okay, maybe literally it will). When I made the decision to have a nose piercing on my left side in the morning, I was in the piercing shop by the afternoon, looking through the jewelry selection. Aside from that, the piercer had two nose piercings, one on each side of his nose. He also had some stunning jewelry on him, including a number of pieces from the company Venus by Maria Tash, which is a fantastic choice for high-end body jewelry.

Credit: JJ JORDAN , Double Nose Piercing

I went with a simple white gold stud to complement the white gold ring that I have in my septum. I reasoned that wearing two rings in my nose would be overkill—at least in the nostril/septum combination—and I was correct. In fact, this is the key when you have more than one piercing in the same location. It’s important to keep things simple. A little pair of studs is ideal since they allow for additional piercings on the same side without appearing cluttered. Another option for two nostril piercings on the same side is two tiny, tight rings on the opposite side of the nose. The key is that they must have a small diameter in order to achieve the desired effect.

The combination of one stud and one ring on the same side, with the stud being slightly above the ring, is also one of my favorites. If you want a more symmetrical appearance, a stud on either side of the earring is the way to go. However, be certain that your piercer performs an excellent job of placement. You don’t want things to seem asymmetrical, so make sure they are.

My piercer did an excellent job of cleaning the area, as he should have. He drew a circle around the area he believed I should receive the second piercing and asked me to confirm that it was the correct spot. My facial characteristics, the curve of my nose, and the placement of several other piercings in my left ear, according to him, influenced his decision on the location. I thought it was wonderful and encouraged him to go through with it. He also inquired as to whether I would consider switching out the jewelry for a hoop in the future. That occurred to me that it could be a possibility, and he explained that there are two kinds of needles that can be used for nose piercings. One is straight and designed just for studs. The other is curved and may be used to hold both studs and hoops in place. I knew I wanted the more adaptable of the two options, so I went with the curved needle instead of the straight.


This was around a six on the pain scale; the only thing that made me cry was when I received the piercing in my left eye. The process of cleaning it with saline while it healed was also quite straightforward, particularly when compared to some of the other piercings I’ve had in the past (like the dreaded daith). According to one of my friends, the overall appearance was “tasteful.” Again, I believe that the trick is to keep the jewelry basic and complementary, and the entire ensemble will come together naturally and effortlessly. My second nose piercing is really my favorite so far, and it adds an intriguing depth to my septum ring that I didn’t have before.

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